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God answered my cry for help

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I went into her room with pig tails, freckles on my face, and dressed like a clown.  She had a halo on her head, and playing with a doll like Barbie.  I introduced myself and with her permission, I sat at the end of her bed.  My guess is that she was about ten years old.  Her mother shared about the surgery, and shared that her daughter had not moved her left hand or left foot since surgery.    

I sensed the Lord prodding me to ask her about her doll.  She began to talk to me, and then I asked if I could see her doll.  I have no doubt that from that point on the Holy Spirit was in total control.  Remember, this is my first time in a children’s hospital, and my first time being a clown.  Talk about feeling inadequate – let alone sad to see this young girl with a halo on her head.  

Then it just came out of my mouth.  “Look,” I said.  “Let’s see if your baby doll can move her left hand.”  Sure enough, she could.  Then I asked her that when I moved the baby doll’s left hand, I pointed to her paralyzed left hand and said, “I want the baby doll to see you move your left hand.”

So, I said, “let’s go”, and moving the baby doll’s left hand the young girl moved her fingers then her left hand.  Her mother went crazy excited.   “Let’s try it with her left foot” she yelled!  

So, after I cheered for her moving her hand, I said, “Okay baby doll, let’s see if you can move your left foot.” Sure enough I got the baby doll to move her left foot, and then I challenged this young girl to join us in moving our left foot.  

My heart was racing fast inside of me. This was happening like we were playing a new game.  As I moved the baby doll’s left foot I touched the girl’s left foot and said, let’s see you move your left foot.  She tried, and oh my – SHE DID.  SHE MOVED HER LEFT FOOT for the first time.  The mother was up and screaming for the nurse, thanking me as she ran out of the room and then brought a nurse back with her.  When the nurse heard what happened, she was ecstatic and told me to go and get the other clowns and bring them to the hospital.  

We got to go on three floors visiting with children and more amazing things happened while we were there.  Kids with their IV bags were following us down the hallways.  

This is how God initiated me into ministry with sick children.   We never know how God will use us, until we are faithful and obedient to put our faith into action.  

What an amazing God we serve!