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“Just a Girl (J.A.G.)” book now available on Amazon

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If you purchase a book on Amazon, I would truly appreciate it if you would please leave a comment about the book. This helps Amazon to see that the book has merit.

Also, if you feel like I do that we want to do everything we can to help teenage girls make great decisions, think of these mission ideas:

Choose the book as a monthly mission community project, and hand them out to girls who are shopping or hanging out around the community. The book offers great resources for girls to make good choices in life!
Invite me to come and teach the Bible study to teenage girls or to speak to your women[s group.
Remember, Just a Girl (J.A.G.) is now available on, Please note, it will be easier to find if you type in Just a Girl (J.A.G.). It should be the first book to come up.

I pray that every teenage girl will have an opportunity to be in the Bible Study and become “Just a Girl for Jesus!” PLEASE INVITE GIRLS TO READ AND STUDY THE BOOK WHO ARE SEEKING A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. This is a great resource to reach new girls for Jesus Christ.

The new Bible study for teenage girls 13-18 is a seven week study that is packed full of fun activities and great videos. On the seventh week, we will have a shorter lesson, so we can party and celebrate that you are now “Just a Girl for Jesus!” You will be ready to face whatever God has in mind for you. You will learn to not choose “Air Bubble” friends. You will learn that with God NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! God will do far more than you can ever ask, dream, think or even imagine. We will have a lot to talk about when you get the book in hand. Can’t wait to begin sharing with you.

Buy the Book Today!

Just a Girl (J.A.G.) is a new-life-impacting-empowering-seven-week-Bible-study for teenage girls ages thirteen to eighteen. Just a Girl includes a Leader’s Guide where teachers and youth directors will find instructions for teaching the lessons and preparing the activities. Just a Girl is packed full of great lessons, fun activities, and includes worship video resources to reach the heart of every girl. Just a Girl Bible study lifts up powerful Scripture verses. The Bible study is positive, uplifting, inspiring, and challenging. The lessons are unique and they will help girls to believe in themselves, to know they are loved, and to learn that with God nothing is impossible. Just a Girl allows girls time to talk, write, play, eat, party, and learn hands on some of God’s great principles for a life they will love to live. Each lesson teaches teenage girls to see life a bit differently from a potter’s point of view. The activities will grab your attention and drive home the point of the lesson. Just a Girl is a God-moment waiting to happen.