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My Life’s Goal is Making Your Life Better

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Have you thought about your life? You know — like, what is your purpose? Such a question takes a bit of soul searching. It isn’t something we can quickly say off the top of our heads. Actually, I believe a life goal must come from our souls. From the deepest part of who we are, in the spirit, where God connects with us.

Every part of my life revolves around God, people, and creation. As I ponder my life’s goal, the overarching goal that reveals the heart and soul of who I am, I discover that my greatest joys in life are serving God and helping others. Can I save you – time? Can I make — dinner for you? Can I —encourage you? Can I — pray for you and with you? Do you need me— to give you space? Can I help you — know Jesus? What can I do that will make — your life better? What can I do that will make your life easier? What can I do that will bring you peace? How can I help you to be less anxious?

God, what can I do to help — reveal who You are to others? God, can I — care for your creation? God, will you — teach me to know how to love others like You love us? God, how can I — use my gifts to bring You glory? God, what should I do — to keep Your church alive and well?

To determine your life goal first begin with what you are truly, whole-heartedly, passionate about. What motivates you to get up every morning? What does an unbelievable, no-way-you-think-you-can-get-out-of-the-box, driven desire to do more than you can imagine?

One of my profound, life changing, God awareness moments was when I was in Chicago for pastoral training. We had to do an inner city ministry from a select list of activities. I was asked to join two others (male) and go to the Children’s Hospital as a clown. WHAT GOD ARE YOU DOING? The one area that I knew I would struggle with in ministry was being with children that are ill. Totally, breaks my heart. Clowning? I didn’t bring any outfits to be a clown. I can’t do clown make-up. Let me simply say, you do not say to God what you cannot or will not do. God makes a way where there is no way.

Thus, with pigtails in my hair. My face transformed with rosy cheeks, and brown freckles. Baggy clothing from others. I ventured with my two friend clowns to the Ronald McDonald House.

A young girl had brain surgery. She can’t move her hand or foot. I am selected to go to the hospital to meet with her. GOD, WHAT PART OF, “I CAN’T DO THIS” ARE YOU NOT GETTING? Alone, I walk into her room. Her adoptive mother introduces herself and shares about her daughter’s brain surgery. She asks me if I can help. If I can help? Goodness, I need help! A desperate silent prayer rose up to the throne room of God, a plea, God help me to help her. Part 2 to be continued.